Chad Goldberg, CFA


B.A., Stanford University

Chad Goldberg is a Principal and one of the three voting members of Marshfield’s research team. His tenure began shortly before the 2008−2009 financial crisis, through which Chad’s level head, critical thinking, and willingness to take advantage of anxiety-provoking circumstances to buy cheap companies were successfully tested.

Prior to joining Marshfield, Chad worked at the Congressional Budget Office’s National Security Division. After leaving government, serendipity (and a temp agency) stepped in to bring Chad to Marshfield on what was initially supposed to be a short-term basis while he was on winter hiatus from his job of several years as a minor league baseball announcer. Recognizing his value to the firm and natural aptitude for the work, Chris and Elise offered Chad a permanent position, which he happily accepted. He has since taken on roles with increasing responsibility, and he became a Principal in 2012.

Chad was a “natural” in more ways than one: he worked for a week in the early ‘90s acting as an extra in the movie Little Big League (his son still thinks he’s a movie star). Today, baseball occupies a smaller—but still meaningful—portion of his time, as a dad, a coach, and a spectator.

Chad is a member of the CFA Society of Washington, DC.

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