Richard Seaton

Director of Business Development

B.Mus. and M.B.A., University of Memphis

Richard Seaton knows the merits of investing with Marshfield firsthand. Before he started working at the firm, he was a client.

Richard has held a variety of leadership roles in marketing and communications throughout his career, but it is the pursuit of knowledge and new experiences that has always driven him. After graduate school, Richard moved to Italy, where he worked a job for which he had little enthusiasm in order to support an adventure he loved. Back in the States, he founded his own cause-based marketing consultancy to support the work of nonprofits, government agencies, and small businesses. More recently, Richard put his understanding of people and knowledge of places to work as Vice President at TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Washington, DC (for which he now pays the price of being called on to give advice to anyone at Marshfield in the market for a new house).

It was while working with Marshfield as a client that Richard’s curiosity led him to learn more about investing. When given the opportunity to deepen his education through a position that would allow him to connect investors to a firm he trusts and a product he believes in, Richard’s desire for new experiences again kicked in. In 2017, he began working with Marshfield from the other side of the desk (or airplane seat, as is often the case).

Besides a lifelong love of learning, one other constant has accompanied Richard throughout his many ventures: the piano. If you ever get the chance to hear him play, don’t pass it up.

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