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Riverfront Investment Management, based out of Richmond, Virginia, is a global asset manager utilizing a dynamic, tactical investment approach with uncommon transparency. Riverfront was established in 2009 and many of their money managers have been working as a team since the mid 1990s.

As you will see, I am a big believer in the Riverfront Investment philosophy, process and strategies. In fact, a large majority of my clients will have a portion of their money with one of several of Riverfront’s asset allocation models, either thru a Separate Manager Account (SMA) or if the portfolio is less than $100,000, thru a Strategic Asset Management (SAM) account utilizing one of their models.

I use one of 3 different Riverfront SMA or 3 one of 3 different Rivershare portfolios as a “core” holding in my client’s accounts (depending on size). The portfolio chosen will be primarily dependent on my client’s time frame and need for income or growth (or both). These portfolios are “tactical” (vs. buy and hold) where the base allocations are set at the beginning of the year, followed by momentum-based tactical adjustments. An example of this would be the Moderate Growth & Income Portfolio: The benchmark allocation would be 50% Equities / 50% Fixed Income. At any given time, Riverfront can adjust the allocation to equities all the way down to 30% or as high as 70% of the holdings in the portfolio, depending on the valuations and market momentum at that moment in time.

Riverfront Insights

Riverfront Investment Team

RiverFront's Investment Team is comprised of many who have worked together since the 1990's, and new talent who add fresh ideas and cutting edge tools that enhance our ever-evolving processes. The open architecture of our office reflects the significance we place on collaboration.

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